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Update // NEW

It's been a good while since I've posted, but the blog is back with a few changes here and there.

Since I last posted, A LOT has changed. COVID-19/lockdown happened, the uprisings in HK, the race row all over the world, the battle over sustainable fashion - just to name some, I mean HOW CRAZY has 2020 been. I guess it's really made us do a lot of thinking hmm..

I returned home just as lockdown began and it was initially difficult to adjust to! Moving back home, living with my parents, restricted outdoor happenings and lack of friend time was a struggle. However, it really became a test of correct communication and patience (I can't say I was the best at this but thank you God for grace and forgiveness). Between family, conflict became resolved, mis-understandings were cleared up and love, peace and acceptance filled the house, which was something I hadn't experienced in a very long time.

Brief update on my academic situ: I still have no idea what's going on, but I will be making new ventures into a different direction. I've decided not to follow through with Occupational Therapy, but I'll share how I came to that in a different post when some things become a bit clearer.

Church went online and I kinda like it, although I do miss seeing some faces in person! For me, I think it gave me a 'refresher' into actively exploring God's word and one thing I really like is the 'breakout rooms' we have during service. It's been convenient over technology but also pushes us to actively participate in discussion, catch up and prayer with people. I'm guilty of this but I can only do this with a fair few people in person, and this COVID period has (kinda) forced me to do it with a different mix of our friends each week and it has been really enjoyable when we've been in lockdown.

Over lockdown, I fished out some of my old hobbies like oil pastels, puzzles and cooking, and also tried out some new, like embroidery, new recipes and the guitar (can't say this one is overly successful). I used to be such an outdoors and active kid - sports and activities were my thing; so my mam was actually kinda surprised when I was doing all these indoor hobbies or "dainty hobbies" as she called them! But honestly, they were very good forms of therapy and also a good way of winding down, without technology.

  • 5 new things I'm trying: 1. A low-to-no carb diet (since I don't really eat carbs anyway), 2. Shopping with sustainable fashion brands/brands who #payup, 3. Being more eco-conscious, 4. Understanding my enneagram (#6) and 5. My skin-care page!

BLOG UDPATE - SO I've added a 'skin care' page, where I'll be posting reviews of products - I've been wanting to do this for a while, but didn't know how to start and I guess seeing everyone's food blogs (take a look at my faves on instagram - @feedingrita, @thefoodiewan and @itsrachelchan) over COVID pushed me a smidge to begin. I'll be starting up an instagram account linked to this site, since I'd like to keep everything in one place but that might take some time!

Hopefully, you'll look over these next new moves (blog and reviews) kindly, as I start out on new endeavours. When all this palava is over and it's safer to meet up, if you want to catch up - send me a message (if you know me, I'm forgetful and useless at texting).

Love Hol x

PS: GIF represents how things are still unknown (but it's okay really).

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