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Hollie Leung. 24. I was born to two loving parents, with a twin brother and grew up with an inspiration of a church family, based in my little hometown but also grown from all over the place. My nickname growing up was always 'Hol', 'Hol-Bol' or 'Ah Mui'. I'm currently fizzled between adulthood and trying to find my feet. I'm actually quite the introvert - I'll enjoy long and random conversations with the people and community I love, but I also like to hide to a comfort zone when in big groups of people. I'd like to own a mix between a fluffy dog and a daschund in the future (please google if you have never seen one!). 

I'll happily chat all things: life, God, food, skin care, Harry Potter, musicals etc or if you would simply like to talk about anything, send a message through the contact page or email!

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