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Ceramic Bowls


"Out of His fullness, we have all received grace in place of grace already given." John 1:16
"For God didn't give us the spirit of timidity, but of power, love and self-discipline." 2 Timothy 1:7

Jesus calls for us to have company and community through a purposeful and larger life outside of our own little world.  In all honesty, I don't truly know what His full purpose for me is yet and I'm still in discovery mode - see Blog to keep up with the confusion that is my life, yes; but I hope it's also a reassurance to those who are also in the same boat. God has been moving me on lately (which doesn't always feel certain), but there are two aspects where I'm quite certain about: Food and Skin Care and I'd like to gradually bring them to the page too! So please be patient, as I set this blog onto new endeavours. Please subscribe and follow on instagram to keep up to date!

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Who Am I?

I'm Hollie. People often call me 'hol' or 'hol-bol', which is why I've named this blog the 'Whole Bowl. It might be silly, but when I receive a bowl of Chinese cooking (or of any food to be honest) OR complete my full skincare routine before my day starts and before bedtime, I always feel full or satisfied. We all have something (a hobby, an interest, a skill + God!) that ignites a similar sense of 'fullness' in our lives and I guess I'd like to share a little bit of it on here too! I try to see things as 'half-full', not 'half-empty' and sometimes it has really helped me get out of a negative, by keeping me as grounded in the knowledge of the Lord's goodness and fullness as possible. Plus some of my favourite things include good food (to cook and to eat!), friendship time, my boyfriend, daschunds and staying indoors (puzzles, embroidery, Disney+, Netflix, musicals, Harry Potter, skin care) with the odd spontaneous outdoor trip.

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